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i LOVE fiber…be it yarn, roving, or knits…LOVE EM!!!  this is why i’ve become a fiber artist.  it’s a great outlet for all of my geekish artsy tendencies.  i’ve been knitting for about 6 yrs now & i’m rarely fiberless.  in july of 2011, i started my etsyshop, fangrrl fiber arts, which geekery & fiber clash & become epic!!!  since it’s inception, ffa has really taken off, at least in my humble opinion.  i’ve gotten several commissions & custom orders.  i’ll also be attending the shop local spring craft market, here in iowa city at the end of march.  i’m REALLY excited about it!!!  please also check out fangrrl fiber arts on facebook & click “like” for updates!  many pictures & fun times ahead!!!


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total music junkie, chef, pop culture geek, reader, gamer, dancer, scrapbooker, altered artist, explorer, spelling/grammer police, cat perso

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